Digging Deep: The Behavior Science of Direct Selling

Michel Bayan, Co-Founder and CEO of DirecTech Labs

Direct selling is poised to play a major role in the future of how we work. But like every other industry, we must evolve. Here we talk about how we might do that and the study we’re conducting to discover it scientifically.


= Video Transcription =

Hey everybody. Happy 2018. Welcome to our office. Beautiful sunset here your January.

In our last video, we talked about the value of segmentation and how last year, DSA did a great job of breaking our fields into these 3 segments and how our research shows that there are actually many more segments than that and how exciting that is!

A recent Princeton study concluded that since 2005, in the United States, most of the new jobs that were created were actually temporary/contract work. Direct selling is contract work. We think about the future of work as the future, but it’s kind of here already. The impact of automation; AI is starting to take place by gradually eating away jobs and the workforce wants more flexibility, more time freedom and a form of income that’s in line with their passion.

Sounds like a direct selling opportunity! And, we’ve been very effective as direct sellers and very efficient in terms of capital. But I don’t think many people would argue that direct selling is super efficient in terms of people and that is where we think the future is going to be.

Our team of behavioral scientists is going to commission a study where we will be interviewing direct selling executives and direct sellers from around the world and look at big data from millions of direct sellers from a behavioral science perspective to discover the best new practices in terms of how we need to create, train and motivate our field and how we need to create these new opportunities for the future.

So we’re going to be looking at this over the next six months. We should come out with the first phase of this in June and I invite you to stay in touch with us. Keep up with our videos.

If you’re an executive and you like to participate or you can reach out to me via LinkedIn and let me know that you’d like to participate. We’re going to be picking a small group of executives but if you think that you can bring some value of that let us know and look out for us in June with the results of that.

As usual, thank you always for listening and see you soon.