Because of recent FTC actions many companies are scrambling to “show customers”.  But compliance for it’s own sake? Is that all there is for us here?  Here are 2 major benefits of knowing who your customers are. 
Increase sales
When you know who your reps really are, you’ll realize there’s a lot less of them to focus on.  Instead, you can focus limited corporate resources and avoid wasting time, energy and money sending the wrong message to people who are really just customers. 
Ask yourself:  What do our distributor success rates and income disclosure statements look like without customers in there dragging down the numbers? 
Maximize customer LTV
Now that you’ve identified your customers you can help your field support them more acutely.  Check in on their progress with your products.  Send them special offers and upsell based on data you have about them.  Engage them with your social causes and build real brand loyalty over time.
LTV is how much an individual or average customer will spend with you before they leave you.
Ask yourself: Do you track the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers?  Does sending them distributor focussed communications help build brand affinity, loyalty and LTV?
Rather than “showing customers”, perhaps we can show our customers an amazing experience.  If we move towards the above, we might find the FTC has become our BFF.