If you are an executive, you probably have 1-3 things you’d like to change about your organization at all times. After all, part of what distinguishes an executive from other employees is that you are called upon to lead. Leading means changing how things are in favor of how you think they can be. Organizations resist change. At least they resist change that that is *out of alignment* with the current prevailing beliefs and interests held by the people that make up the organization. You can’t make changes that are out of alignment with the organization, and the organization is always aligned behind the direction it is already headed. This is why so many change efforts fail. Because executives get together and make *agreements* about what they want the future to look like, but fail to reach the *alignment* needed to actually make that happen. Agreement is not the same as alignment, though in the executive staff meeting one is often confused with the other. Agreement is in the domain of language. You can tell if you have agreement with a peer just by talking with them. Alignment is in the domain of action. You can’t tell if you have alignment just by having one conversation. You have to observe behavior over time to find out where the true alignment is and is not. So if you are trying changes (which you definitely should be if you are an executive) your job could be seen as finding out where the hidden beliefs and interests in the organization oppose the changes you’d like to make, and then working with the people who hold those beliefs and interests to come to a common understanding of what the future might look like and what might be the best way of getting there. This isn’t just about the obstacles you already know are there – those are rarely the real reasons that change efforts fail – this is about finding ways to unearth the hidden resistance to change so you can work to align the entire organization toward a new future that more closely matches your vision.
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