Patrick Crosson, SVP Global Sales, Hyperwallet
Patrick Crosson is the SVP of Global Sales at Hyperwallet, a worldwide payouts provider to millions of independent workers. A payments and mobile industry veteran, Patrick has been a valuable partner to direct selling companies in implementing new technologies and improving the distributor experience.
  A little while back Hyperwallet published a two-part series on our blog about attracting Millennials to your direct selling opportunity. We pointed out that getting these young entrepreneurs excited about your company would require fulfilling two key motivations: flexibility and technology. Of course, onboarding Millennials is only the first battle. Once you’ve got them, you need to keep them—and that will take top-notch customer service that appeals to Millennials’ unique preferences and behaviors. Just over a year ago, Salesforce and released the results of their study, Crossing the Generational Divide: Providing Customer Service for Today’s Consumers, which explored how Millennials’ expectations for customer service differ from those of other generations. From more than 2000 individual responses, four key, actionable findings emerged: Millennials Prefer to Find Their Own Solutions Millennials really don’t like contacting customer service. Here are some things respondents say they would rather do than reach out to a human representative for help: have their teeth cleaned (34%); go shopping on Christmas Eve (32%); visit the DMV (26%). Instead, many Millennials will use their digital literacy to find answers on their own, searching FAQs and other online resources to resolve their issues, before contacting a company’s customer service department.

Direct Selling Takeaway? Make it easy for Millennials to solve their problems independently. Providing an easy-to-navigate resource library in your application or website won’t just make your young distributors happy; it’ll take pressure off of your customer service department and reduce wait times for those who need support the most.

If They Can’t Help Themselves, Millennials Will Use Social Media When Millennials can’t find answers to problems on their own, they’ll seek help through the platforms they’re most comfortable with: social media. According to the study, four in five Millennials will use social media for customer service, preferring that method over phone, email, or live chat.

Direct Selling Takeaway? Be active on social media, and be prepared to respond to distributor support requests promptly (see below). The report states that Facebook is the most popular channel for customer services questions, followed by Twitter. Have processes in place to provide customer service on both.

Millennials Expect Near-Immediate Support Millennials don’t like waiting on customer service; they want answers and solutions as soon as possible. Salesforce and report that roughly a quarter of Millennials expect to get a response within 10 minutes of reaching out for customer service via social media; nearly a third expect the same speed for text-based queries.

Direct Selling Takeaway? It’s not just about the quality of your support; it’s also the speed at which you provide it. Monitor your social media channels to ensure that questions are answered quickly. (Facebook even ranks Business Pages’ speeds of response.) Provide distributors with a means of getting support quickly, whether it’s by reducing call wait times or embedding live chat support into your website or application.

Millennials Won’t Tolerate Poor Customer Service Poor customer service is a sure way to drive Millennials away from your company. Salesforce and report that nearly a quarter of Millennials would boycott a company after a single bad experience. Other age groups aren’t any more forgiving: across generations, more than three quarters would stop doing business with a company after three bad experiences.

Direct Selling Takeaway? Take customer service very seriously. In the age of social media, a single disgruntled distributor can wreak havoc on your brand reputation. When there’s an issue, make sure that it gets fixed— or, if it can’t be, at least find a way to make it right with your distributors.

What else can you do to upgrade your company’s customer service processes? Get more recommendations from Hyperwallet’s direct selling experts in our free guide—Harnessing the Digital Revolution: 9 Questions for Direct Selling Companies in the New Economy.   The New Cool in Customer Service was originally published by Hyperwallet on August 10, 2016 at It has been republished on the Source DS with permission from Patrick Crosson and Hyperwallet.