At DirecTech Labs we apply artificial intelligence to help direct selling companies better understand engage and retain their distributors. Our technology can inform every business channel that interacts with your salesforce, and as we get a lot of questions relating to call center, here are 2 examples of how you can maximize the bang you get for your call center buck.

Retention: 2 Scenarios

1) Inbound:  When a distributor calls in they are shown to the call center rep as in danger of churn.  The rep sees the action they need to drive the associate towards in order to maximize the chance or retaining them. The also see how valuable the target is (low/medium high) to the company in terms of how much revenue they are predicted to bring in the future.  How many calls does your call center get a day?  A large proportion of those people will be in danger of churn. Save 5-10% of them a day and you’re driving a lot of new revenue.  Not just today, but into the future. 2) Outbound:  Every day the center gets a list of high value targets (i.e. people with a projected future LTV [lifetime value] of $25,000-$150,000).  They call them and nudge them towards the retaining activity the A.I recommends.  If they save 1 person a day, your ROI is incredible. Note: Associates in danger who are valued over $150K (or whatever number you decide) in future revenues will go right to sales execs as people to call personally.  Save one of those a month and you’re in amazing ROI land.

Engagement Scenario

You’ve got thousands of distributors out there but there aren’t a thousand ways to do your business.  There’s also not one.  So how many are there?  Not how many do you think there are, but how many different styles actually exist in your field?  Part of our service at DTL uncovers these segments. 1) Inbound:  When a distributor calls in, the call center rep sees which segment that rep is in and how valuable they are to the company.  The system might tell them that they are in segment #3 so motivate them not with how much money they can make, but rather with how much good they can do.  And note that they are casually doing the business, so be friendly but don’t push them too much to produce.  They are also a younger demographic that gets technology, so no need to over explain any steps.  Just tell them where to go an they’ll figure it out. Stay tuned for more on how applied A.I. can help other channels in your direct selling business to thrive. Don’t want to wait?  Contact for a free consultation on how your distributor retention can go up 5-25%.